Walking In The Meadows Tiger


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Painting Specifications  

Title:          Walking in the Meadows

Medium:  Oil Painting  over a masonite board

Sizes:         24”X 36”

Price:.        $ 1150.00

Shipping:  Free In The USA


1 in stock

In the late Fall afternoon  you imagine this amazing meadows  with a rich colors and forms and through  the music of the wind and the composition of the birds…

In the silence of his steps  you see this Beautiful  Tiger full of life with  amazing colors that blend with  the scenery you can see the pattern  of his black markings, some reflect a couple Wheals, other  a children doing a backflip. The markings of the Tiger are the fingerprints,  they are the history or perhaps the unique way the described his personality…

This original Oil Painting of Tiger walking in the meadows will show you those  simple moments in the wildlife full of emotion, action, moments  of survival of the wild…

The Tiger is one of many wildlife species  that are in danger of been instinct…

His majesty will survive  forever and with this painting I describe or be a small  voice to the world about the beauty of the wildlife special the Tiger The Elegance Of The Wild…