I Am Waiting Mountain Lion


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Painting Specifications

Title:.        I am Waiting

Medium:  Oil Painting  over masonite board.

Sizes:         24” X 36”

Price:        $1150.00

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Out of stock

Waiting in the solitude  of the Rockies areas the Mountain  Lion patience  is looking or listen the sound of small prey below, his body in in full alert, his tail is moving back and forth  to somorice his prey that could appear in any moment…

Mountain lion ar one of the many wildlife  species of North America. As well is one of endangered species listed in 1967.

The Mountain Lion also generally  known as the Puna or Cougar. Is very adaptable to any area it live from  Canada to bottom of South America in Argentina…

This is the only cat that has a plain colored coat like the lions.

Also this is one of the fastest  cats below the Cheettadh…

This painting will bring you to those moments  in the wild world to contemplate one of the beautiful  cats species the Mountain Lion elegant and agile ready to jump or out run  his prey…