unique carving tips for more engaging sculptures In Stone Or Wood

Learn Wood Carving: A Step By Step Guide To Carve  Better Faces

Learn  how  to sculpt a full portrait  of your wife, your kids, or yourself from wood!

Our wood carving academy video lessons for BEGINNERS and ADVANCED ​sculptors.​​​

Carving a beautiful sculpture requires time, patience, guidance, perseverance, and practice. When you overcome these obstacles, you will be on the path to becoming a master sculptor.

The number one way to accelerate your success is through the personal guidance of a mentor who knows how to create the results you desire and who has a history of creating sculptures that are part of many public and private collections.

This is YOUR CHANCE to create bigger and better sculptures. It is your chance to learn all the carving techniques you need to become a master sculptor.

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Hi I'm Ruben Llano, founder of the Carving for Everyone Academy.

I’ve created many stone and wood sculptures for churches, cathedrals, and private collections.

I’ve been featured in many art exhibitions and won numerous awards.

I have also collaborated on major projects as a sculptor and my work is featured at:

The Jewish museum in New York.

•The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York.

•The Hamilton library in Indiana.

•The church of St. Peter the fisherman in Wisconsin

•The Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

•The Capuchin Order in Chicago, Illinois.

•The Boliwngreen court courthouse in Ohio

•The Hope College in Holland

And in many other places!

Wood carving academy school



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Carving for Everyone Academy

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Wood Carving Set of 10 Chisels

Wood Carving Set of 10 Chisels

In the beginning we our confused about which type of tools are best to start our new adventure or hobby – there are so many types of chisels and brands available.  Some are of a high quality, made to perfection, and others are made badly and are not worth investing in. However, it all depends on our budget and how much we can invest in our future experience in learning and mastering wood carving.

  • Ready Sharp 
  • Great Carbon steel 
  • Great price 

Wood Carving Professional Set

This great wood carving tool set is one of the best investment you could make in your education, they are the number one tool to learn wood carving - you just need a design and the desire to start carving you great sculpture.

This set of 20 woodcarving chisels is manufactured by Mastercarver from great quality steel that contains a high carbon content, making these chisels some of the finest carving tools available on the market for a low price.  I highly RECOMMEND THIS SET.

  • Great beginner  set
  • Ready Sharp 
  • Low price for 20 good wood carving tools