Do You Need Patterns for Wood Carving, Stone Carving Or Paintings?

Welcome to the Patterns Gallery!  You're very welcome to use any of the patterns here, without restriction.

Remember that a photo is just a tool to help you create better Carvings or Paintings but you can put your creativity and recreate that image into a great Pattern or Design.

Single Rose

Click the image and download in to your desktop.

Morning  Glory 

Free Carving Pattern

Click the image and download it onto your desktop.

This great design is going to create amazing Carvings or Paintings.  You are welcome  to use these images for your projects. Remember, you can change the image to make to your design or pattern better and more personal.

This image is created from a image of so a big thank to all the people that kindly share their images there.

I just created the renderings for you. I Hope you like them and they'll be helpful to yous art projects.

Any comments or questions please leave a comment below.

 Happy Arts Creations! 

American Eagle 

American  Eagle Patterns

Click the image and download it to your desktop

American Eagle 

This great image will create an amazing art piece. You'll be able to describe or carve the full dramatic effects of the face of this beautiful bird of prey.

In this video you will see how to create your Patterns and how you can transfer them onto a blank piece of wood and start your wood carving project.

Lily Pattern

This elegant design will provide you with the necessary images to study the design, to transfer and draw it with the square frame and help you draw the detail in small sections. With this, you'll be able to recreate the pattern onto your material. 

Oak Leaf To Carve in Wood or Stone 

This simple Pattern is a great piece to start your Wood Carving. Just copy and download it. You can easily learn wood carving with the 15 to 27 minutes YouTube videos. One video per day and follow along with the process to Learn Wood Carving.  Just visit my Channel. 

How To Wood Carve Better Noses

Download to you desktop  and make a print without any restrictions.