Ruben Llano

About the Author

My name is Ruben Llano. Well let me tell you a little about myself to help you understand where I'm coming from. I'm an artist and have been working with the medium of stone sculpture, wood carving and painting for over 28 years.

Throughout this period, I've worked on many projects in the USA like in the St John the Divine Cathedral in NY and on projects like the Jewish Museum in NY,  where I carved many pieces for the new extension to the building.

At Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, I was part of a group of five carvers from different parts of the world like England, France, Canada and Colombia that came together to work on the project over a long period of time. We needed to sculpture out of Indiana limestone five different niches in different architectural styles, using for example, images from the Parthenon in Rome and images from Gothic, Classical and Middle Eastern periods. The experience was fascinating...

I'm now working on a number of private projects and my artwork which are private collections drawn from elements of the USA and Colombia, where I was born.

Learn how to carve stone like the old masters

Using modern materials and techniques that work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive and professional artistic education, teach you traditional sculpting skills and methods and help you to develop your individual artistic style based on the values and legacy of classical art rendered in stone and wood.

In 1991, I was invited from Colombia to be part of one of the best stone carving companies in New York City. Under the leadership of a great person, who saw the need to bring the art of stone carving to New York and with the help of some great sculptors, he was able to teach others the art and beauty of stone sculpturing. A great example of the success of this program is the flourishing career of the New York stone carver, Christopher Palatier.

Together with Saint John the Divine Cathedral, the program was able to teach recovering drug addicts the art of stone carving and played a part in helping them on their road to recovery. This program was highly successful until unfortunately the Cathedral Stone Works company closed its doors and taking this opportunity to learn stone sculpting with it. 

However through the years that I spent as part of the stone company and with the help and guidance from David Teitelbum whilst there, it allowed me to mature as a sculptor and master all of the necessary sculpting techniques. 

David Teitelbaum was essential in my journey as he believed in my skills and my burning desire to improve every day. He gave me the job opportunity that changed my life and enabled me to become a master sculptor. His vision of teaching others the classic art of stone carving inspired me to follow his legacy, leading me to create the stone carving school.

Carving for Everyone

“Lord, grant me that I can always desire more than I can achieve” Michaelangelo

Carving for Everyone was created in memory of the great visionary David Teitelbaum

A cathedral is supposed to be a learning center.

The stone carving school was founded in the office of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine by David Teitelbaum in 1991. Our purpose is to restore and promote the almost forgotten stone, marble and wood carving techniques that are no longer taught at contemporary art universities.

Transforming a block of stone into a beautiful sculpture, or discovering how to capture the spirit of an image and preserving it in time through only your desire and a handful of tools, is a magical process. Together we could change history and enter a New Age of stone carving.

This is your opportunity to get involved and learn a classical art form. It is a medium that will last forever, as history has shown with the fantastic marble creations of The Three Graces of Canova, the Saint Teresa of Bernini, and the Mercy of Michelangelo.

Let’s start mastering this process and learn together how to create a magical image untouched by time.